I’m the designer and creator behind Anxious Girl Knits. I’m a one girl band winging my way through the world of business one knit at a time.

I’m 32, living in London, I work full time as a women’s woven and jersey fashion designer for multiple high street brands. With 8 years working in the fashion industry I thought.. what do I need more of in my life.. to design another area of fashion.

Joking aside, If you told me in 2020 that I would have a knitting business in a few years I would have laughed in your face. “Knitting's only for the oldies” “You can’t knit fashionable pieces”, oh how wrong I was. I started knitting at the beginning of 2021. Sport was always my way of coping with my anxiety and depression. I’m a skater, roller derby, skate parks, roller discos, street, any moment I could skate I would. But I got really unwell and this wasn’t an option for me anymore. Many people suggested I tried knitting, so I ordered some yarn and a pattern and gave it a go, expecting to hate it… look at me now!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cured, I’m still a mess, but it really helps me take my mind off things, keeps my hand busy, and makes me feel like I’m still being productive even on those really dark days.

So here I am, creating an open space where I can speak honestly about my mental health. Talking to other people about theirs. Sharing fun, colourful, quirky, young trend focus knits to brighten up people’s days, especially during those dark, miserable winters.